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In Hindu and Sikh weddings, the Groom is led to the marriage venue in a procession known as the Baraat. The use of a Ghodi or white horse as a transport for the Groom to the wedding venue iis a common part of wedding traditions. The groom is accompanied by dancing family, groomsmen, and friends known as ‘Baraatis’.

A modern take on the Baraat is for the groom to arrive in a unique or luxury vehicle. The music during a Baraat sets the mood for the event, with upbeat songs blasting as the Groom makes his way through the procession. Another common South Asian wedding tradition is for the groom to ride on an elephant.

Indian Wedding Baraat Elephant

At the end of the Baraat, the groom will be greeted by the brides female family members. They apply ‘Tilak’ (sacred red colour mixed with water) to his forehead and perform ‘Aarti’,which is believed to ward off the evil eye.

He then continjes to the Milni Ceremony where he is greeted by the brides male relatives.

Wondering where the bride is during the Baraat? She is not involve din the Baraat because it is a welcoming of the Groom and his family by the Bride’s family. After the Milni ceremony, she joins him and they go ahead together with the remaining wedding day ceremonies.

The Baraat is only the beginning of a day full of rituals and celebrations.

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